Imagine if the kingdom of God was spoilt with great leaders!
Kylie Butler
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Today’s demands require more of leaders than ever before.

What brought success in the past is not guaranteed to bring success in the future. Success for tomorrow requires that leaders become life-long learners.

Professional coaching provides the support and structure necessary to ensure that leaders meet their personal and professional goals.

Professional coaching enables leaders to bring their best thinking, gifts, and resources into defining and achieving their personal and professional goals. 

Novo Coaching provides coaching, coaching training and consulting on creating coaching cultures and teams.

Novo Coaching’s distinctives:
  • Christian values based
  • Utilises simple, but powerful coaching models
  • Specialises in coaching leaders and leaders of leaders
  • Emphasises people development, resource multiplication, and empowerment
  • Our training methods are engaging, effective and fun!
I have been fortunate to have profited from both coaching and training by Novo Coaching. In recent years as I have undertaken professional development through Novo Coaching. They bring many years of experience, a sharp intellect, wisdom, passion and humour to their work. They can help you be better at whatever it is you do.
Novo Coachee
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Novo Coaching carefully listens and figures out what inspires and challenges me. They like to work out what makes me tick? What can I identify with? They are exceptional coaches and they inspire me to make better choices for myself. That’s what makes it work. They are my choices, not theirs. I choose the path, they help me to see it more clearly. As a Coach myself I value Novo's expertise in Training and Leading in this arena to learn, grow and move forward in every area of my life and business.
Novo Coachee